Today, Buti Maison is internationally known, with 1600 square meters headquarters, shops in Lungarno Acciaiuoli in Florence and Knokke-Heist in Belgium, and show rooms in Paris. We have distributors in France, and South Korea, and customers the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Malaysia, and worldwide where the tradition of the “Bottega Artigiana” and contemporary tastes reign strong. Our artisans meet with our founder Pilade Buti every morning where he gives his own personal approval or denial for each bag, as he has been doing for the last sixty years, always working with the highest quality standards and a deep love for his masterpieces.

Buti Behind the Screen

The tradition of hand-crafted leather hand bags is one passed down to the second generation of the Buti family, with Pilade’s sons. Amerigo started working for the Buti Maison in the eighties, and Federico more recently joined their ranks. Today they are Sales and Product Development Managers respectively, bringing in the new century’s values to the company on their quest to continue providing the excellence that the Buti name is famous for worldwide. To this day Pilade continues to oversee the production department, right along side the master craftsmen and the next generation of Buti, combining innovation and tradition in the production of high quality good for new clients and new markets.